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Saara Saalamo on January 3, 2018

3 ways to use video in the recruitment process

Videos have already obtained a big role in our every day lives, from entertaining YouTube videos to news videos on your Facebook feed and from video blogs to video tutorials for almost anything. Videos have also found their way into recruiting. I’m sure you have heard of video interviews and company culture videos. But there are also several other ways to incorporate videos into recruiting. Next I will introduce three ways to give you a better understanding on how to best benefit from videos in recruiting.

1. Employer branding videos

Employer branding videos is a broad concept. To make things easier for you I have divided employer branding videos into a few subcategories. These categories represent the most common types of employer branding videos, but not all of them.

At this point one might ask how to get started with all this. A great way to start planning employer branding videos is to ask your employees what they identify as the positive aspects of your culture and what is appealing to them in your organization. From their answers you can more easily figure out which type of employer branding videos would suit your style. Let’s take a look on some of the different types of employer branding videos:

Company culture videos

Company culture videos can be as simple as a short presentation of your company. What do you do? What are your values? What is your vision for the future? What separates you from the rest? Company culture is also a rather broad concept, but with the benefit that you can do it exactly the way that best suits you, because every culture is different. And make sure to give an answer to the key question: why should the candidate want to work for you?

Click here on how to create a kick-ass company culture video.

Do you have an awesome company culture? Let it show - via GIPHY

Event videos

Event videos show the more informal side of your culture. Do you for example organize sport days? Next time bring a camera and create a short video out of that day. Or maybe you prefer beer and burgers at the office on Fridays? We don’t judge. Next time ask people to take some videos with their smartphones and assemble these clips into a video that you can share on your website or social media channels! 

Employee videos

Your staff is your heart and soul. Be proud of them and let the world know that too. You can create video introductions of people from different fields and let them explain how they contribute to your cause. Or ask one of your employees to interview people around the office and make a video out of this. Or maybe your CEO has something to say to your candidates? Here are some great examples of employee videos:





Career path videos

When people are applying for the job, they usually also have an idea where they are heading with their career. Can you provide them a path to their future? If yes, tell it to them! You can ask someone in your organization to tell their career story and how they got from their first role in your organization to where they are now. Or you can for example tell what different roles could be available after a trainee period. You decide.

2. Job ads

Have you thought about publishing your job ads as videos? Instead of a written job ad or as a complement to one you can publish a video job ad on your career page. Here the recruiter or the team could introduce themselves and the role your candidates are be applying for. At the same time you could show a glimpse of your unique company culture to attract the best candidates for your open position. Video allows more room for creativity and it allows you to share more information, so why not to use it?

3. Video messages

Video messages can be used instead of emails. They are a new phenomena, and can feel difficult to utilize at first, but they provide great benefits in some situations compared to emails. Video messages are more interactive, they allow you to include more information with less effort, are more open and personal and of course help enhancing an image of you as a modern recruiter!

Video messages can be sent through a recruiting system that allows that. RecRight provides the use of video messages. You can either send plain informative messages, where you are not expecting answers from your candidates. Or you can send video messages with a possibility to answer. And of course you can either send the same message to multiple candidates at once, or address personal messages only to the selected candidates!

Are you interested to get more information about employer branding? Have you found some other useful way to benefit from videos in recruiting? Leave a comment below!

Employer branding as a recruitment tool

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Saara Saalamo

Marketing Lead