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Ari Beilinson on July 5, 2016

IBM Watson is helping out in recruitment

We work on helping our customers to recruit in a more effective way and constantly think how we could do it better. AI is gaining more and more headlines in recruitment domain which prompted me to test Watson with my own information. Here is what I found out about myself.


This analysis is done based on my LinkedIn profile summary which can easily be imported to the Watson tool. My profile contained less than the minimum requirement of 200 words so I needed to fill in 20 words before Watson got hold of my personality.


You can do your own analysis here http://chh.mybluemix.net/analyze.



We believe that the digital methods can significantly help out in many business processes and recruitment is one of them. The immediate questions that come to my mind are:

  • Where do you draw the line between human assessment and machine assessment? The Watson picture on the top of the page underscores nicely the thinking that my profile was assessed in an air-conditioned data center. Can you trust the results?
  • What kind of scientific (if any) methods do you believe in? 
  • How well do you know yourself and how well have you been able to communicate it in writing?
  • How much of your personality is captured in writing as you are very much about the tone of voice, physical appearance, ability to get along with different people in everyday life and how well you "walk the talk"?
  • What information can and what cannot be used legally in recruitment?



In order to increase the success in hiring the right candidate you probably want to use as many sources of information as possible to help your decision making.

  • CV or any other communication between the applicant and your company.
  • Interview the candidate or ask opinions of more than one person in your company.
  • Ask for references from people that have been working with the candidate before.
  • Ask for work samples and previous results.
  • Have a supporting opinion from a senior professional recruiter or assessor that knows you as the hiring manager, your company or team and your company culture. Different people flourish in different environments.
  • Use social media data.

When you have your next recruitment at hand it makes sense to look for the latest digital resources available. That way you will get an update on how the technology can help you and can consider what tools to try. The raise of SaaS-tools has made it really easy to get help for your work at least in the areas of recruitment software (Applicant Tracking Software), video interview tool, personality assessments online and skills assessments for developers. The common signs of trustworthy tools are:

  • sensible information on the supplier's web page
  • good references
  • good support material before you contact the sales person (if needed)
  • clear pricing scheme and possibility to test the tool before really using it
  • information on the people who produce the tool
  • ease of use. 

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Ari Beilinson

Former CEO of RecRight