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Beginner's guide to RecRight

Saya Tuleutayeva

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Tom York

25 May 2021

Hey, good to see you here! If you are new to RecRight you may find these tutorials very useful. They present a step-by-step guide into using video recruitment tool.

More instructions and answers to technical questions can be found in our support site.

If you haven't registered to RecRight just yet, you can head to registration page, create an account and use the tool for free during 14 days.

1. Introduction



2. Registration and logging in



3. Settings



4. Creating an interview



5. Adding video questions



6. Recording a high-quality video question



7. Recruitment team



8. Video interviews publication settings



9. Inviting candidates



10. Managing all candidates



11. Assessing an individual candidate



12. Creating a job ad



13. Career page


You can find more video instructions on Vimeo

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