candidate survey 2019

What did over 37 000 candidates think of video interview?

Video interviews are increasingly being incorporated into the
hiring processes across organizations. R
ecruiters are realizing the benefits of using video interviews and they see videos as an essential part of their recruitment strategy rather than just a nice-to-have.

But what do the candidates themselves think and feel about
the video interview as a recruitment method? To find out, we
have been conducting an ongoing survey asking feedback
directly from the candidates. This survey report summarizes the
findings of more than 37 000 candidates who took the survey in
  • How did candidates experience video interview?

  • How satisfied are candidates with video interviewing as a method?

  • How satisfied are candidates in using RecRight?

  • How much time did it take for candidates to answer to the video interview?
  • Would candidates recommend video interview as a recruitment method from candidate's point of view?

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