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Candidate Survey 2017

Candidate_survey_2017_cover.pngOver 40 000 candidates answered to the survey after they had participated in video interview. Read what candidates think about video interview as a method.

How can digitalization benefit academic recruitment?


Private sector has utilized digital tools for several years as a part of recruitment processes. However, academic world has been slow to adapt to this trend. How could they benefit from digitalization as well when it comes to recruitment?

Candidate Survey 2015


Video interviewing & candidate experience are often talked about, but there's rarely any real data available. What do candidates really feel about video as a part of the recruitment process? Is video interviewing just another painful step when applying for a dream job, or is it viewed as a fresh, new method to replace endless forms? 

Candidate Survey 2016


Last year we published a Candidate Survey, where we interviewed 899 candidates after they had participated in a Recruitby.net video interview as a part of the recruitment process. Now we publish an updated version of the survey with much larger data - total of 14,832 candidates replied to our survey between February 2015 and March 2016. 

Employer branding as a recruitment tool

Cover.pngThis hands-on guide offers you several concrete examples and models to map out the current company culture and build your image as an employer.

Video as a recruitment tool

Video as a recruiting tool_ebook_cover.pngIf you are considering to make your recruiting process more efficient or you want to enhance your employer image, video interviews are a great asset to improve these two together.

Assess attitude of the candidates


Read what questions to ask to assess attitude of the candidate and what other factors to inspect to make sure you are hiring the right person.


What to consider when recruiting summer workers?


Summer recruitments can bring a load of work all over the organisation, but can also be an excellent opportunity to engage your future superstars early. 

Recruiter Survey 2015


Wouldn't it be nice to read some data from recruiters who have already conducted recruitments with video interviewing tool? We interviewed 96 professional recruiters who have used our tool in their recruitment processes.