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Miikka Tuomola on January 27, 2016

How to attract and hire summer workers

Is your company also struggling with summer recruitments? If so, I suggest you use the next seven minutes to read this article. We offer a very easy and cost-effective way to find the best candidates. 

We suggest, that you publish an attractive job advertisement, which is widely spread on social media. For example, the last words in your advertisement could be something like this: "If you're interested in spending an incredible summer with us and learning about our business, click on this link and go straight to our video interview. See you there!"

Your candidate's effort

From your link, the candidates will find your video questions (one or more) and answer to those questions on a video. On the interview page, the candidates enter their name, phone number, and a link to their online CV/resume (LinkedIN, GitHub, personal website or a portfolio, you name it). This is an excellent opportunity for the applicant to present their skills and know-how. On a video, they are able to express their personalities when they answer to your video questions. 

With creative applicants, the sky is the limit. We've seen candidates singing and rapping on their videos. Especially when it comes to summer workers, very often their resumes are very alike, since they lack in work experience. Therefore video is an excellent way to emphasize character and attitude. 

Your effort

As a recruiter, you start by writing the job advertisement. If you're looking to fill several positions in different tasks and locations, you might want to consider writing several job ads as well. 

 The easy way is to use different links to guide the candidates to the correct directions. Next step is to create your video interviews with RecRight video interview software. For example, you can ask the candidates why (s)he would be the best candidate to hire for your company. It is a good idea to instruct the candidates to add a link to their online CV/resume or personal website to the interview page as well. 

If you wish, you can also use your company introduction video in the video interview. Then candidates can get a peek to your company's culture and people right away, and it is a great way to engage the candidates - even ones who do not get a job offer - to your company. You can also use same recorded questions in different video interviews as well.

How to evaluate the candidates?

When you start to receive your applicants' video replies, you have all the tools you need in evaluating them. If you want introduce them to your colleagues or Line Managers, you can easily do so with our software. 

You can also use hashtags (#) to categorize your candidate pool. For example, if you have invited all the candidates to a single summer worker's interview, you can categorize them by location, position, yes/no..It's up to you. You can also sort candidates according to their rating given by the recruiting team.  

 To maximize the effectiveness, it is a good idea to present only the top talent to your Line Managers. 

It is worth considering, how much time and resources you are saving if you conduct your process this way.

All the tools you need

With just using one software, you have all the tools you need to conduct your recruitment process. You don't need to sign in in different services or use them simultaneously. 

We offer you: 

  • A video interviewing tool
  • A possibility to link the candidate's CV/resume or personal website to the interview 
  • Categorization using position, location, or by any other variable you prefer
  • Evaluation using ratings or written comments
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Video Recruitment from A to Z

Read our ultimate guide where we cover nearly everything you need to know about video recruitment!

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