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Ville Sillanpää on December 21, 2016

HR and recruiting trends for year 2017

Talent market and recruiting is on a flux everybody need to adjust and learn new techniques and technologies. Start planning for year 2017 by reviewing your practices from 2016. Focus on how your tactics worked against your competition and how the new trends will shape the market. You might even find out that you have an advantage for next year. In any case, HR's role will grow more strategic and workplaces as well as recruiting tactics will enhance more human experience with the aid of analytics and new technologies. 


LinkedIn's predictions are based on their Global Recruiting Trends report (find link from bottom of this page) where they surveyed 4000 corporate talent acquisition leaders across 35 countries, which makes it the largest and most diversed sample we found. Here are their results:

  • Seat at the executive table
  • Hiring volume increases
  • Sales, operations, engineering are the top roles for recruiters to fill
  • Referrals, 3rd party sites and social networks are top sources for quality hires
  • Bulk of budget still goes to traditional tactics
  • If money isn’t a constraint leaders would invest in employer branding, new tech and better sourcing tools
  • Diversity, soft skills and innovative interviewing tools are the top 3 trends


HR Dive

Besides LinkedIn's report HR Dive used Entelo's Annual Recruiting Trends Report (link below) and interviews from Tony Restell (director of social media marketing for Social-Hire.com) and Barry Kayton (CEO of Cognician Inc.) in their future views. Here are their summarised view for the year 2017:

  • Talent acquisition will finally take their seat at the executive table
  • The ability to win over and convert talent will be critical
  • Coaching will increase the personalized approach to recruitment
  • Diversity in recruitment will continue to be a primary focus.
  • A larger investment in social marketing recruitment efforts.


ERE Media

ERE Media's staff surveyed and discussed with HR teams across the U.S. to get a perspective on the trends around talent, technology and processes. ERE Media also used CareerBuilder's nationwide Q4 survey. Here are the predictions:

  • The hiring manager’s experience will become a bigger priority
  • Technology will help recruiters predict how likely a candidate will be to respond to them
  • Machine learning will teach us a thing or two about how to talk to humans
  • A/B testing will become a critical factor in the battle for talent
  • HR will use expertise in the Finance department and other departments to replace gut intuition with data
  • HR will become aficionados of the labor market overall
  • Recruiters will partner with Marketing and become social media mavens
  • Purchasing HR technology will be a joint decision between the CHRO, CTO, and CFO
  • There will be a heightened focus on stocking the internal pipeline with highly engaged employees


Human Resources Today

Human Resources Today offers the last trend report summary for 2017. They exploited KPMG's M&A survey and Manpower Group's IT workforce study and couple of recruiting leader's opinions to form their list of next year's trends. Here is the list:

  • Decline in regular full-time jobs
  • Referrals rule
  • Transparency
  • Hiring managers conduct their own screening
  • Security is a must-have skill set
  • The candidate experience becomes a priority

If you want to read the full reports and additional content for the most detailed information check out these resources:







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