Extended 30 days free trial with Live interviews

RecRight is an easy-to-use video recruitment platform for recruiters and hiring managers. You can publish open positions, receive applications, and conduct live and pre-recorded video interviews—all in one place! 

We have extended our free trial from 14 days to 30 days, so you can get started with video interviews immediately and implement full-blown remote recruiting into your process. 

And that’s not all! We have also included our Live interview feature to this extended free trial—a feature normally available to PREMIUM plan customers only. With the Live interviews added to the trial, you can now handle your entire interview process remotely, from start to finish!

Start recruiting remotely today

Get your trial by entering your business email address on this page, and a RecRight account will be set up for you. We won't ask for your credit card, so don’t worry about that. Once you’ve received a confirmation email from us, you can start using our platform and inviting candidates to interviews!

Free training session to maximize your use of RecRight

We want you to get a good head-start with your recruitments, and as a part of your trial you’re entitled to a 45-minute training session with one of our video recruitment experts at no cost! During the session, our experts will share best practices for conducting video interviews effectively based on the experiences of our 500+ customers worldwide. The session is not mandatory, but it’s very much recommended just to make sure you get the most out of the RecRight platform. 

What does this all cost?

Nothing. You can use the RecRight video recruitment platform (plus Live interviews) for 30 days for free. The complimentary training session with our video recruitment expert is also completely free, as long as you book it within the trial period. 

What happens after the free trial ends?

Your free trial ends after 30 days, and there is no obligation to continue using the platform. We won’t charge you anything.

Start recruiting remotely with video interviews now and claim your 30 days free trial by signing up with your business email address.