Recruiter survey 2019

Video interviewing from the recruiters' perspective

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Video interviewing is on the rise

Companies of all sizes are increasingly implementing video interviews as a part of their recruitment strategies to find the best talent. They have seen and felt the benefits of using video interviews, such as time-saving, efficiency, increased transparency and quality of hire, and are very likely to continue using video interviews in the future.

About the survey:

To collect hard data on the topic,  in spring 2019, we surveyed 133 recruiters worldwide to analyze their experience with video interviews and with RecRight video interview tool. Through this survey, we aim to find answers to common questions and dispel common myths regarding video interviews.
The report covers topics, such as:
  • How satisfied are recruiters with video interviewing as a method?
  • How much time recruiters spend on video interviewing?
  • What are the things recruiters appreciate about video interviews?