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Joanna Purosto on November 2, 2017

Scale a startup team from the right people

Speak with any startup entrepreneur and you’ll find that pretty much every one of them have faced the same problem; the new recruit, who was supposed to help them out actually turns out to be nothing but a hindering trouble. Mostly, all that hindering and problems between people stem up from two reasons: communication issues and wrong personalities for the company culture. But why on earth would anyone hire such sourpusses?


When a startup company is kicked into action, most entrepreneurs tend to look for a partnership and employees from their friends and family. This sounds like a clever idea – to hire someone you already know like your brother-in-law or that nice neighbor who just cheers up your day – but little do we usually know just how our friends and family members exactly are as employees. Many broken hearts and fails have been seen in startups, only because familiar faces as employees sounded better than expanding the team scaling range to unknown people.

However, this is exactly what a startup company should do in the very beginning; scale the team from the best possible people to fit the job. People who can communicate well, have the skills needed, are motivated and have a personality which fits into the company culture and its operation. If a startup is looking for quick minded innovators, there just isn’t good enough of an excuse in hiring people with opposite features.

The world is full of capable, exciting, innovative and skilled employees looking for job opportunities. These are the people you need to go for as a startup entrepreneur. With the right people, a startup company can expand exponentially while every new recruit brings more and more potential, skills, knowledge and benefits to the company.

Find the right people with the right actions

Finding the right employees can sound difficult, but with a few small details you can do it easily.

1)    First, determine the specific skills you need and what’s your company’s culture like

2)    Second, let your whole team – if you already have others working for or with you – review and evaluate all employee applicants together.

3)    Don’t be afraid to spread your recruit outside your safety net of the familiar faces. Let everyone out there seeking for a job hear about you, for example via company recruit video, which also shows your company culture.

4)    Use the right tools for recruiting to save money and time

Using wrong tools in recruiting, like asking applicants to send you emails, can – and often will – end up being messy and hard to manage. When your company’s inbox is flooded with emails and no one can keep track of replied and not-replied messages, things get messy, annoying and tiring. Bad recruiting management also leaves a bad company image aftertaste in the applicants’ mouths (and in your own mouth, too) – not to mention how much time and money this wastes, when better options are out there.

We here at RecRight know the difficulties of recruit managing but we’re also aware of all the wonderful possibilities that an open team scaling can offer for a startup company. Thus, we’re offering our recruit software for free for 14 days to all companies pondering how to handle things easier and more efficiently without extra hassle. With RecRight you can easily review all the applicants even with your whole team. And even if you got more applications from great recruits than you asked for, you will not be overpowered by them.

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Joanna Purosto

Marketing Manager at RecRight