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Jan Söderstöm on March 29, 2018

Video interview types: What are embedded video interviews?

An embedded video interview is a “one question - one answer” video interview that you can embed where you need it. It’s a lighter alternative for the traditional recorded video interview and the public video interview, where you often create a series of questions and candidates submit several videos.

The easiest way to elaborate on how an embedded video interview works is to show it in practice! 

You can try it yourself HERE. Note that your answer will only be saved in the platform if you submit it, not before that. If you have any questions or just want to say hi, you can submit your video and we'll get back to you! 

In what situations would you want to use embedded video interviews then?

Open application

Many companies accept open applications. Instead of collecting open applications in a written format, you can collect them as brief introduction videos combined with LinkedIn profile links.

Here is an example of an open application in practice on our customer's website: LEAD - Open video application (in Finnish)

Embedded on a job application form

Another way to go is to embed the video interview on your current job application form. If you have built the application form in-house, you can simply copy-paste the code snippet to your form and start receiving video introductions.

If you are using an applicant tracking system, such as Laura or Saima, you can integrate RecRight’s video interview platform to it and start receiving candidate videos together with written applications. The video answers will appear with the rest of the candidate data and can be screened and rated right there on your applicant tracking system.

Embedded on a job post

If you are looking for a light and modern way to hire candidates and don’t need too much data during the first steps, you can simply embed a video interview into your job ad and candidates can send their applications on point. Remember that you can also request links to candidates' LinkedIn profiles, so you'll have these to support your decision-making process.

... and basically anywhere where you can add some custom HTML

This way you can embed your interview question wherever you want.

How to get started?

Already using RecRight video interviews? Good. You can start using embedded interviews simply by:

1. Select "Publishing settings" on your dashboard

2. Click "Create embed code"

3. Copy-paste the code snippet where you need it 

Näyttökuva 2018-3-29 kello 10.30.46

1. Click "Publishing settings"
Näyttökuva 2018-3-13 kello 10.16.46
2. Click "Create embed code"
Näyttökuva 2018-3-13 kello 10.16.58

3. Copy and paste the code snippet


Embedded video interviews can also be used separately without other video interview options. 

The monthly subscription for embedded video interviews is 99€. You can send an inquiry here.

Video as a recruiting tool

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