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Riku Malkki on December 7, 2016

Recruitby.net renews, what changes?

The new year will bring new changes for Recruitby.net. We will publish our new website and also renewing our brand. You will get more information regarding the brand renewal shortly. Everything culminates in the product launch on January 2017.


New technologies enable better user experience and we want to cherish the positive feedback about our current tool and make it even better. For our users, the most visible change will be completely new interface. Many features will get better and new functionalities will become available after the launch. We believe, that the updates are welcome to our faithful video interviewers, and the tool can still be used as easy and efficiently as before, also without the recruitment tool described below.


Recruitment tool


The biggest change will be the brand new handy recruitment tool, which is used in the early stage of the recruitment process. With this tool we have taken into consideration companies who now receive job applications into their inbox.


Creating and publishing job ads 

In January you can create and publish beautiful job ads. In addition, there will be a career page that automatically updates when the application process evolves. This makes it easier to manage your job ads and career page. You can also share the job ads as links to different media. The applications are received into the tool and you can evaluate them in collaboration with your recruiting team.


Videos will still be the core of our business and thus you can add video material already into the job description. This can be an employer branding video or an introduction of your team like in the job ad below. You can either upload the video from your device or record it directly from the tool. With videos you can easily boost your company's culture and we-spirit, which has been used far too scarcely until now.




Application information

Employers can attach a video question as early as in the application form which candidates will be able to answer while applying. This model is similar to videoCV. As you can guide the candidate to answer specific questions, the value of video answers will grow significantly.


Setup for the light application form is done by selecting the required information from the slide switches.


Näyttökuva 2016-12-05 kello 11.21.20.png


Application assessment

This part is particularly easy to use. You can freely categorize the candidates with tags or identifiers. You can also add a status for candidates e.g. “video interview”. If you have previous experience with our tool, the 1 to 5 star rating will also be in place. Communication with candidates can be conducted with built-in email feature or video messages.


The process will continue naturally into the video interview phase. The most promising candidates can be invited to a video interview directly from the tool without any scheduling.


Video interview


Our core product, video interviews, will get a new look and many requested features.

  • Uploading pre-recorded video questions
  • Requiring a CV or other attachments from candidates
  • More illustrative way to use tags
  • Candidate statuses (e.g. interview, hired)
  • Built-in email functionality
  • Search function from your whole candidate base

Smaller updates

  • Adding the location of the position
  • Possibility to change the signature in the invitation email


For the accustomed user the most significant change, in addition to new interface, will be phased user flow. The handling of information is conducted in multiple pages for clearer stages instead of creating the interviews and handling the candidates on one page only.


We will add a visual guide into the tool, so that particularly new and infrequent users will get a jump start to the new tool.


We are more than happy to share more information about the launch, so don’t be afraid to contact us if you are interested in the recruiting tool or if you have questions regarding the changes.


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Riku Malkki

CEO at RecRight