Webinar: Enhance candidate experience through supreme communication

Watch the webinar to learn how you can improve your candidate communication and boost your recruitment!

In this scarce labor market, offering a great candidate experience is essential for successful recruitment. Everyone in talent acquisition understands that a big part of keeping candidates happy is to stay in contact with your talent. Unfortunately, too many candidates don't receive updates on their application status, let alone get answers to their questions, or be given constructive feedback. But there’s a way to fix that!

We teamed up with a modern recruitment software provider TalentAdore for this webinar to show you how you can enhance your candidate experience and make your communication more personal with videos and AI.

In this webinar:

You’ll get practical tips to superior candidate experience and streamlined recruitment process. Watch the recording to:

  • Get insight into solving the bottlenecks in recruitment 
  • Discover the cost of poor candidate communication
  • Learn how candidate communication affects candidate experience
  • Find out how you can save time and avoid bad hire with the help of videos and AI
  • See the Recright and TalentAdore integration in action

Webinar recording:

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