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The latest product news and updates for RecRight Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Video Recruitment Tool.

Promoted New Features


SAML-based Single Sign-On (SSO) Support

Do you have a hard time keeping track of all the 20 passwords you use to different platforms? Thanks to SSO you no longer have to worry about that!

With SSO enabled, you can use your organization credentials to sign in to RecRight. If you are already logged in to your Microsoft, Google or other account (powered by an identity provider that follows the SAML specification), you'll automatically be logged in to RecRight without having to type your password. Handy, right?


CSV Import

You can invite candidates to the video interview by importing their contacts to RecRight directly from a CSV(comma-separated values) file. In case our platform isn't integrated with your ATS, you can export your candidates' contacts to a CSV file and import the contacts to RecRight. This way, you’ll save time and minimize typos when you invite candidates.


Candidate Feedback Pulse

Curious to know how you’re doing in the eyes of your candidates? This feature is for you!

This is how it works: At the end of every interview process, your candidates have the opportunity to rate their experience. Your overall rating is based on an average of all the collected feedback.

More features that makes your life easier

manage-notificationsManage your notifications

We send you a notification email every time you receive new applications to your open positions, so you can start reviewing them as they come and win the best candidates. You can manage your notifications preferences as you like: you can keep the notifications coming, or you can disable them using the 'Subscribe' button. Keep in mind that you need to manage notifications per position.


default-recruitment-stagesDefault recruitment stages

As you know, you can edit, add, delete and reorder recruitment stages as you like to reflect your organization's recruitment process. You can now set these stages as your default stages applicable to all new positions created under your organization. Note that this functionality is relevant for company admin users only.


introduce-candidateCandidate introduction feature: updated

When you want to introduce a candidate to someone, you need to enter the recipient's email address, and the recipient receives a link to view the introduced candidate. The registration is no longer required, and the recipient can easily access the introduction via the link. You can choose what information about the candidate you wish to share. Your recipient(s) will see only the selected information.


Edit-candidate-profileEdit candidate profile and add attachments

You can add all the needed information and attachments about the candidate to the candidate profile, such as CV, portfolio, tests, assessment reports, etc. On top of that, the candidate profile is fully editable.


video-library-company-videosVideo library expanded with company videos

We expanded your video library with an additional section - company videos. These videos can be, for example, your company culture videos. By combining them with your other videos available in your library, you save time and communicate your employer brand to your candidates at the same time!

branding-optionsBranding options

With our new branding options, you can customize your video interview page to match your company brand not only by adding your logo and head banner but also by adjusting both header font and body font, background, header text and button text colors, text color and the overall brand color.


Additional-informationDefault form fields

With the help of our Customer Support team, you can define the questions you want to use by default and add new form fields of your choice. This means that the form fields you have set up as default will appear on the form automatically.


User-managementUser management

RecRight user management enables admins to view and manage all users within an entire organization. Besides creating and assigning users, user management includes working with permissions as well as deactivating users. With permissions an admin can define the level of access and activities an individual user can perform.


recright-email-trackingEmail tracking

A typo in an email address is the most common reason why email deliveries fail and do not reach the receivers (i.e. candidates). With email tracking in RecRight you can easily detect whether your email was delivered successfully or not.


ReminderAutomatic invitation reminder

To make sure candidates finish their interviews in time and don't leave interviews pending by accident, you can make use of an automatic email reminder. The reminder email is triggered either 2 days before the deadline or 5 days after an invitation is sent depending on whether the deadline is set up or not.



Self-remove from the hiring team

As a recruiter you can remove yourself from the hiring team the minute you're all done and others can carry on without you. However, if you are the owner and have created the job ad/video interview, you don't have the option to remove yourself.



New Language: Chinese

RecRight is scalable and multilingual, and now covering pretty much all major languages in the world. Adding Chinese to the language catalogue makes RecRight even better equipped to serve customers globally. Chinese is available on the candidate side.


Send Messages to CandidatesCommunicating with candidates one-on one

You can communicate with individual candidates/applicants one-on-one easily through a single candidate/applicant page. This is nothing new but it's good to know that you might notice slight changes in how buttons are arranged - we assure you, all the functionalities are available as normal.

More messages optionsCommunicating with multiple candidates at once 

Talking about making communications easier and more streamlined; you also have multiple options to communicate with many applicants at once; re-sending invitations, emails, video messages and/or select items from the library. Now you can resend invitations to selected candidates yet again a bit easier. 


Customised questions

Besides the basic questions on your job application or an interview form (name, email, phone etc.), you can add additional form fields to ask more questions that are relevant to this particular job. Additional, modifiable questions can be something like salary request, preferred starting date etc. - you name it.



New Language: Estonian

RecRight is a multilingual tool with 15+1 languages. We're proud and happy to welcome the 16th member to our growing language family, Estonian to the candidate side.

Do you need more languages? Just ask!



Apply with LinkedIn

More and more people are building their job profile and CV on LinkedIn and keeping it up to date. It's only natural, and actually very convenient, to be able to apply an open position with LinkedIn profile. Now applicants can use their LinkedIn profile to pre-fill the applications form in RecRight also.


listing2Job ad listing *available only on request

 Job ad listings help you manage your job ads according to your preferred publishing channels by allowing you to define the channels that are relevant to you.

Public = this particular job ad will be published (listed) externally, e.g. on a job board on your own website or some other external channel defined by you.

Internal = this particular job ad will be published (listed) internally, e.g. on your company's intranet or other internal communications channel defined by you.

Recruitment pipeline edit user interface

Editable Recruitment Pipeline Stages 

Earlier this spring we brought Recruitment Pipeline into the tool. If you haven't tried it yet, you should! Recruitment Pipeline allows you to categorize candidates into specific stages as the recruitment progresses. At this point, the stages were standard, pre-defined stages: newvideo interviewhired, and rejected.

While this was a great improvement, we think this might be even better; Now you can edit, delete and rearrange recruitment pipeline stages as much as you like! 


More released features

Recruitment PipelineRecruitment pipeline demo

Recruitment Pipeline is a way to visualise your hiring process. It gives you an opportunity to categorise candidates into specific stages as the recruitment progresses - eventually making things more simple and saving your valuable time.

Recruitment Pipeline includes pre-defined stages: newvideo interviewhired, and rejected.

Download applicants data into Excel fileDownload applications (Excel export)

You can download all application data to a separate file by exporting to Excel for reporting or further processing and enriching your application data.




navigation Navigate smoothly through lists

No more useless scrolling up and down! You can navigate smoothly through the lists; now also straight from the bottom of the page. Small but handy new feature!





new languages in RecRight video recruitment toolAdding 5 new languages

RecRight's Candidate Interface is having five (5) more languages to better serve candidates across countries: 

🇧🇬Bulgarian 🇫🇷French 🇬🇷Greek 🇵🇱Polish 🇷🇴Romanian

While these languages are not added in the Admin Interface at this stage, all candidate views and messages are available in the above mentioned languages.


Career site slogan

Careers site title becomes editable

Currently your Careers Site Title is automatically the same as your company name without an option to edit it. Next week the Careers Site Title becomes editable and you can add your own slogan to make it more personal and better communicate about your company. You can edit your slogan in 'My Account'.




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